Grace Chapel Community Church
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Our current Church building, 
finished in 1962 by volunteers! 

The beginning of Grace Chapel Community Church was in 1951 when a group of families believed in the unique message preached by the Church of God, affiliated with the Church of God Movement in Anderson, Indiana. The message was the oneness of God's people - Christian unity without the necessity of church membership. The families of Richard Hartley, George Hartley, Mrs. Conner, and Kenneth Pomeroy began weekly prayer meetings in Richard's home.

With the inspiration of Kenneth Pomeroy, morning services began in 1953 in the room above the dining room of City Hall. Shortly thereafter, the group moved their services to the Masonic Hall above the old Safeway store at 807 Big Horn.

The church bought its first property in the fall of 1953; it was a finished basement house at 620 South 7th. At this time they secured Pastor Fred Hames to lead the congregation. He and his family lived in the basement, and he did construction work and owned a small printing busines to support his family. The following year two families from the West Coast, the William Carrells and the Ed LaFonts, moved to Worland to help with this new church. An upper story was added to the basement and was used for Sunday School classes and worship services.

Lots were purchased in 1959 where Grace Chapel is now located at 1101 Russell. The construction of the building was completed in 1962 by Pastor Hames and church 
families who volunteered their labor. These included the Joe Webers, Victor Webers, Ed Wagners, Ted Meilingers, Jake Thompsons, Ray Dorrs, as well as those listed above.

After thirteen years of service, Fred Hames moved from Worland. He was followed by Pastors Al Dixon, Harry Martin, and Tom Hall. During Pastor Hall's stay, the building had a large addition constructed as classroom space was greatly needed. In 1972 the church building was completed as it now stands. Ohmer Huffman, of the congregation, was the contractor for this job.

Pastors who have since served at Grace Chapel are Gary Hood, Andy Mitchell, Clyde Goin, Jim Worline, Kim Lanman, Dale Steele, Mike Propp and our present 
Pastor Louie Pantelis 

​The History Of Grace Chapel
Community Church