Grace Chapel Community Church
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                    MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES

                             IMPORTANT NOTICE

Grace Chapel having Two Sunday Services at GC 9am/10:45am 
                                        AND Children's Church
Facebook Live on Sunday mornings @ 9am/10:45am so you can watch both 
services online at Grace Chapel's Facebook Page.

Our website,, has recordings of our weekly 
services typically by Monday or Tuesday.

Any questions please call Pastor Louie or a BOSL Member

NO Tuesdays: 7pm Randy Harry’s Men’s Group ~ Randy Harry 431-0968 
                                         (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

NO Women's Bible Study ~ Stephanie Voss 431-0610 
                                         (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

NO Youth ~ Michelle Emmett 431-1386 (RESUMES SEPTEMBER)  

NO Ladies Bible Study ~ Glenda Blake 388-6323 (RESUMES SEPTEMBER)  

NO 7pm WCG Meeting~ Tammy DeCroo 431-1432 (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

NO 8:30am Women's Breakfast ~ Caroline DeCroo 347-4094 (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) 

NO 12pm Fellowship Potluck (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) 
JULY (Schedules Subject to Change UFN)

July 12, 6July 13, 10:45am Grace Chapel will be having only one service now

July 13, 10:45am Grace Chapel will be having only one service nowJuly 13, 6July 13, 6pm BOSL Meeting

Prayers or questions call Pastor Louie 307-431-6356 or Ruth Dugger 307-347-3086

Food Pantry Donations to Food Pantry Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-11:30am Ward Byrd 431-4369 

Monthly Events:

Board of Servant Leaders mtg is the second Monday of each month @ 6:00pm.

The WCG meets the first Tuesday of 
each month @ 7:00pm at Tammy DeCroo's home.  (For more information click on the button.)

Women's breakfast the second Saturday of each month @ 8:00am in the Fellowship Hall. (For more information click on the button.)​