Grace Chapel Community Church
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​                      MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES


February 17, Happy President Day
                       3:30pm Women’s Bible ~ Stephanie Voss 431-0610 
                                         (Caroline DeCroo's Home)

February 18, 9:15am Prayer Time
                       7pm Randy Harry’s Men’s Group ~ Randy Harry 431-0968
                                                        (Ron Keeler’s Home)
                        7pm Sidewalk Prophets Concert - Worland Middle School
                             (Grace Chapel Providing and Serving Dinner 5pm)
                                               Amy Abercrombie 801-589-5729 

February 19, 6:30pm Youth ~ Michelle Emmet 431-1386
                      6:30pm Ladies Bible Study ~ Glenda Blake 388-6323 
                                              (Glenda Blake’s Home) 

February 20, 6:30pm Worship Team Practice ~ Jesus Davila 347-3086

February 23, 9:30am Sunday School
                      10:45am Worship Service / Children's Church
                      12pm Bring your Lunch ~ Fellowship Hall


March 3, 7pm WCG Meeting ~ Tammy DeCroo 431-1432 AND VBS Planning Meeting ~ Angie Pantelis 431-6224
                                                      (at Grace Chapel not Tammy DeCroo's this month)

March 8, Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 9, 6pm BOSL Meeting

March 14, 8:30am Women's Breakfast (Speaker: Eloise Rossler ~ Cooks: Barb Keeler and Ruth Dugger
                                                                             Caroline DeCroo 347-4094

March 15, 12pm Fellowship Potluck ~ Food Pantry Donations

March 17, St. Patrick's Day

March 22, 6pm Family Movie Night (Bring Family & Friends ~ Pop & Popcorn Provided)

Prayers or questions call Pastor Louie 307-431-6356 or Ruth Dugger 307-347-3086

Monthly Events:

Board of Servant Leaders mtg is the second Monday of each month @ 6:00pm.

The WCG meets the first Tuesday of 
each month @ 7:00pm at Tammy DeCroo's home.  (For more information click on the button.)

Women's breakfast the second Saturday of each month @ 8:00am in the Fellowship Hall. (For more information click on the button.)​